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B2-First Exam Speaking preparation

Prepare for the Speaking Part of the B2-First Certificate Exam from Cambridge

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Service Description

Classes focused on learning everything you need to know to pass the Speaking Paper of the B2-First certificate Exam from Cambridge University. Strategic Approach to Speaking Tasks: Understand the speaking paper format, develop effective strategies, and learn to handle difficult questions. Enhanced Fluency and Confidence: Practice expressing your thoughts and ideas fluently and gain confidence in your speaking ability. Improved Vocabulary and Grammar: Expand your vocabulary and enhance your understanding of English grammar for clear and accurate speaking. Refined Pronunciation and Intonation: Improve your pronunciation, intonation, and speech rhythm for better intelligibility. Classes will be in small groups of 4 students only with a Certified Teacher. 4 classes per month for just $50 Free introductory session. Classes held via Zoom Video Meeting. Class duration: 55 minutes. Fill out the Pre-Registration Form. Classes starting in January. Free Cancellation anytime.

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