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Conversational English Classes

Practice everyday English for just $50 a month. Lower and Intermediate Levels (B1-B2) only.

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Service Description

Classes specially designed to improve your speaking, vocabulary and pronunciation skills, covering different topics about everyday life. Gain the confidence to express yourself fluently in English in various situations. Enhance your fluency and confidence in English by engaging in natural conversations with native speakers and fellow learners. Break down language barriers: Overcome shyness and hesitation, gain the ability to express yourself clearly and confidently in various social and professional settings. Expand your vocabulary and grammar: Learn new words, phrases, and grammatical structures in a contextualized setting, reinforcing your understanding through meaningful interactions. Improve your listening comprehension: Develop the ability to understand spoken English at a natural pace, enhancing your ability to follow conversations and participate actively. Classes will be in small groups of 4 students only with a Certified Teacher. 4 classes per month for just $40 Free introductory session. Classes held via Zoom Video Meeting. Class duration: 55 minutes. Fill out the Pre-Registration Form. Classes starting in January. Free Cancellation anytime.

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