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Boost your confidence in English with our online speaking classes and comprehensive English courses available on Udemy.

Start speaking confidently today!

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English Courses
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English language courses
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Gain confidence in Management Meetings, Marketing Presentations, Job Interviews, Email, Networking and Calls.

Master business English vocabulary written business communications such as emails, letters, reports, presentations, and proposals. Become confident during business interactions.

Join 6.000+ students and companies worldwide.

4 classes for just $50

Conversational Classes

Master everyday English with our Cambridge-certified instructors. Improve your fluency, pronunciation, and confidence in daily conversations.

Enjoy personalized attention in small group sessions.

Just 4 students per class. Our live, native-speaking teachers provide immediate feedback and track your progress, ensuring you get the most out of every lesson.

Experience it yourself with a free trial class. No payment or card is required.

Online Zoom Classes

Limited to only 4 students for the best learning experience.

What our students say:

Maria Perez

"This conversational English class has really helped me to overcome my fears. The class is small and friendly, and the teacher is patient and encouraging. I'm no longer afraid to make mistakes, and I'm actually starting to enjoy speaking English."



Proven results

Over 70,000 students from more than 166 countries have improved their English with My Teacher Academy. Trust in a method that delivers visible progress.


Expert instruction

All courses are designed and delivered by certified English teachers with expert knowledge in their field. Experience high-quality instruction from seasoned professionals.


Interactive learning

Engage in a dynamic learning experience with quizzes, practice exercises, and video lectures designed to keep you motivated and involved.


Customized learning

With a variety of courses tailored to different levels and learning preferences, you can find the perfect fit for your needs and learn at your own pace.


Comprehensive coverage

Our courses span a broad spectrum of topics and grammar rules, ensuring you gain a thorough understanding of the English language.



Enjoy the convenience of online courses accessible from anywhere, anytime. Fit your English learning seamlessly into your schedule.



Get exceptional value for your investment. Our courses are priced to give you the tools you need to enhance your English without stretching your budget.

My Teacher Online Class


We are a team of certified English instructors from various backgrounds who noticed that many students struggle to master English grammar or speak confidently despite hours of study. To address this, we developed our own unique method that has helped over 70,000 students in 166 countries around the world. With our method, you can achieve the fluency and confidence you need to speak English without worrying about grammar rules. Let us help you reach your full potential in the language.

learning english online


We understand that grammar alone is not enough to achieve fluency in English. That's why we offer conversation classes to help our students gain confidence in speaking the language.

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